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Letters to the Editor

I have only learned about Silo Ridge this week, after reading an article about it in the New York Times.
I read the article with great sadness and alarm. I love the Hudson Valley-the unspoiled, beautiful Hudson Valley. Having been born in NY State and with family members still there, I visit as often as I can and I never tire of its beauty. I have seriously considered moving back to NY, and may still, but to think that 800 plus acres in one of the most beautiful areas is going to be developed makes me ill and very sad. At the moment I live in Connecticut and I've seen how developers have ruined once lovely suburban towns here for the sake of greed. 
I hope with all my heart that the citizens of the Hudson Valley will help to carefully guard and protect the land that they have chosen to live on. Please support organizations like Scenic Hudson and other Land Trusts; once the developers get the land it will never be the same.
Claudia Manis
Posted: 3/18/2015