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Latest on the 19th CD Congressional race

by Stephen Kaye
Fri Feb 5th, 2016

Will Yandik formerly announces while Zephyr Teachout turns up the heat. Although Will Yandik has quietly raised over $200,000,  Zephyr Teachout is boasting that she has received contributions from 3,000 donors, mostly in small amounts.  She does not disclose how many have been from the district, nor the total.  She is getting national press which impresses Dutchess County’s  Democratic leaders who are said to be leaning in her direction. Both contenders will have a chance to make a presentation before the committee before any formal commitments, if any, are made.

Over on the Republican side, a non-aligned group called The Campaign for Accountability has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission raising questions about a PAC that is allegedly too closely connected with the Heaney campaign.  The complainant admits to receiving “a tip” from a source they would not identify.