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Landscapes at Indian Mountain

The Indian Mountain School’s exhibition of landscapes is well worth a visit. Organized by artist and IMS trustee, Sam Posey, and hung by Darren Winston, the show features the work of 19 artists from this part of Connecticut and New York. The show is sponsored by  a charitable foundation whose charter includes the preservation of open space in Northwest Connecticut.
New Year Selleck Hill by Eric Forstmann
Members of the IMS board suggested artists whose work they thought might be suitable for the show. Each artist was asked to submit for consideration one entry in any size or medium. The winning entries were ones the judges --- Richard Bosman, whose works are in the collections of many major museums including the Met and MOMA, and Peter Charlap, an artist who teaches at Vassar -- best captured the look and essence of this landscape.
Scott Zuckerman's "Incident in Sharon Valley"
Three artists divided the $10,000 in prize money. Debra Bilow won first prize of $5000 for her black and white photograph of a road that wound between a grove of pine trees on one side and a snowy field on the other. Second place of $3,000 went to Eric Forstman for his landscape of a mown field on a late autumn afternoon. Charles Noyes won third prize of $1500 for his watercolor “Red Mountain on Fire” of a hillside lit by late afternoon sunlight beneath a stormy sky.
Red Mountain on Fire by Charles Noyes
The three artists I the show were from Millbrook. Both Mita Corsini Bland’s watercolor “Barn Along the Sharon Road” and Tony Henneberg’s oil “Salmon Kill Road” evoked the snowy landscapes that are so evocative of our part of the world in the depths of winter winter. Louise Wales’s mixed media, “Waiting for Spring,” comprised of a series of small images surrounding a large misty landscape the whole overlaid with leafless branches, suggested a windy March afternoon.
Barn along the Sharon Road by Mita Corsini Bland
I also liked Scott Zuckerman’s “Incident in Sharon Valley”  of a small red fox guarding his kill in a snowfield. And Susan Rand’s “January 2013” of bonfires on a winter day.
Waiting for Spring by Louise Wales
Sam Posey who had the idea for the show said, “I was so happy with artists.  They were just wonderful. I am very proud of the show.” For next year he would like the theme to be barns which he says are “not the easiest thing in the world to do and quite a good challenge.” 
Meanwhile many people have shown interest in a spring show at the IMS Gallery. As Posey says, “It is a splendid space – every time I go up there everyone seems to be happy.”