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The Housatonic Camera Club at the Millbrook Library

July 25, 2015
The Millbrook Library’s annual exhibition by the Housatonic Camera Club is always worth seeing. This year Diana Bontecou selected two works from the four submitted for consideration by the club members who range from beginners, to advanced amateurs and professionals. The subjects included landscapes, still lifes, and nature. Almost half were in black and white and the rest in color.  
Moby Mudge’s two images were notable. One, of a hay rake sitting in a snowy field, was an abstract design of starkly contrasting black and white.  The other of a stone lying on a beach was a study in textures. The stone, almost the same color as the sand suggested a sea creature in camouflage. Both Karin and Brad Smith’s photographs were also studies of contrasting textures in various shades of gray.
"Hay Rake" by Moby Mudge
Ann Wilkinson chose trees for her subjects. “Snarley Old Tree” depicted the patterns created by the tangle of twigs and branches of a Sycamore tree. In “New Birches” she portrayed the gleaming white trunks of a grove of birch trees standing erect on a small hill. 
"Friend or Enemy" by Birgitt Pajarola
I also liked Birgitt Pajarola’s two color photographs. In one a sweeper sits on the ground in a slick rock canyon – perhaps in Petra. “Friend or Enemy” shows a dog and a young girl gazing at each other across a sidewalk. The girl sits in the doorway of a red building while the brown and white dog stands warily in the street. Neither seem inclined to move any closer to each other.
The exhibition will be at the library throughout August