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Growing Old Is

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Thu Jul 20th, 2017

                                                                for John O’Brien

Like finding in a closet a used work glove spattered with linseed oil and torn at the fingertips

Not remembering where you left your cars keys or what day of the week it is

Recalling with stunning clarity how you were reprimanded at two for peeing on petunias

Beginning a task and finding another task to do then being puzzled about what you really wanted to accomplish

Waking up at 5 am and realizing that the predawn birdsong which you treasured at three hasn’t lost its appeal

Wanting to save items of no value

Comically bragging about one’s own youthful follies while lamenting the antics of your children

Imagining you are three times as strong as you really are when you move a couch

Having to pee so badly that you can’t pee

Impatiently performing a simple task with alacrity when you have more time than you can imagine

Musing why there are such inferior trivets being manufactured today

Avidly yearning for what’s new but being increasingly disappointed about what’s supposedly new

Becoming so winded by walking up a hill that you conspire to avoid hills in the future

Wondering why you are growing old when your mind has such powerful insights from so many experiences that people don’t understand yet you can’t recall the surname of the person you are speaking to