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Germany moves towards emission free autos

Tue Oct 11th, 2016

The newswires report that the German government has voted a non-binding ban on new combustion engine vehicles, starting from the year 2030.  The resolution is in the form of a legislative target and not a law, but it shows how serious Germany takes the Paris Climate Agreement. 

The vote was taken by the Federal Council (Bundesrat).  Germany is predicting that gasoline and diesel cars will soon be obsolete.

According to officials, the Bundesrat also advised the European Commission to consider doing the same across the European Union. Such a move, the government believes, could drastically reduce pollution from vehicle emissions. The proposal isn’t intended to take existing cars off the road, but targets combustion engine registrations from 2030 onwards.

The goal is to force cars buyers to choose more eco-friendly varieties, including those running on electricity or zero-emission hydrogen.  The Bundesrat also asked the European Commission to consider changing tax policies to facilitate the “stimulation of emission-free mobility”.

German manufacturers are already well along in developing all electric vehicles. 

The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 95-percent by the year 2050.