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Friday lecture at Cary

Saving frogs and salamanders from extinction
Tue Oct 18th, 2016

Dr. Karen Lips 

University of Maryland biologist Dr. Karen Lips looks at the causes of global amphibian declines and extinctions, and offers her prescription for doing something about it this Friday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.

Dr. Lips discovered massive frog die-offs in 1993 in Panama and Costa Rica. She has been researching amphibian diseases ever since and is now one of the world’s experts. Her work focuses on disease ecology and how chytrid fungi affect amphibians, and their ecosystems.  

Dr. Lips uses social media to involve the public in policy issues related to wildlife diseases that often are associated with trade.  For an introduction to this topic the American Association for the Advancement of Science provides a video:

Cary Institute auditorium,  2801 Sharon Turnpike, Millbrook.  (845) 677-7600 x121 or