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Food Art

New faces at Amenia farmers’ market
by Stephen Kaye
Tue Dec 1st, 2015

Food Art from the Great Cape Baking Company

New, but friendly faces appeared at Amenia’s indoor farmers’ market Saturday, beginning with a moveable donut factory that greeted us at the entrance door.  Great Cape Baking Company offers donuts, the ones with the hole in the middle so they can be hung on a peg when you get home. You are more likely to eat them before you get home, so never mind the peg.  The company is from Plymouth, MA so they must have been around a long time since everything in Plymouth dates back to 1625 of thereabouts.   Did donuts come over on the Mayflower?  We forgot to ask. 

Inside we found Italian provisions at a booth set up by M & M Provision Co from the Italian section of the Bronx run by Mitch.  He offered us smoked aged sausages like sopressata hot and sweet, fresh milky white Mozzarella and a host of other wonderfully smelly cheeses and fresh baked breads that one needs to keep the damp weather at bay.  We learned they source their pork from local farms. 

Liz Shed was busily knitting behind a booth covered with knitted socks, mittens, scarves and other knitted things she had knitted, many in bright colors that made me think of spring. 

Another booth good for dealing with the damp and cold was one taken by Hudson-Chatham Winery.  I wanted to ask, which was it, Hudson or Chatham? since they are two different places.  It seems they split the difference and ended up in Ghent.  They have wine in a number of different shaped bottles appropriate for the region the grapes came from.  They also have cheese from Chaseholm Farm, one of our favorite local cheesemakers. The pinot looked tempting. 

Dashing Star Farm's eggs come in different sizes and colors.


There are plenty of baked goods and wonderful fresh vegetables like parsnips, potatoes and greens grown in greenhouses from a Columbia County farm.  Frozen pork and lamb plenty of farm-fresh plump eggs and other oddities one only finds in real farm markets. 


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