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Flow of Hudson River Celebrated

Composer Dr. Joshua Groffman, founder of One Quiet Plunge, a Hudson River project dedicated to highlighting new music in accessible venues, presents “An Arrow Pointing Down,” a multi-media project inspired by the physical and human geography of the Hudson River at the Mid-Hudson Heritage Center at 317 Main Street in Poughkeepsie on Saturday March 21st at 6 p.m.

The event offers collaboration between four composer/performers of electroacoustic music with texts by Sarah Heady; several media artists will provide visuals to accompany musical compositions. The physical geography of the Hudson River will be explored as an arrow (flowing both ways). That arrow is aimed obviously at New York City and the Atlantic Ocean, but I imagine also at the audience with the aspiration of changing their perception of where it is they live.
Composers include Ryan Chase whose work has been performed by the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, and Contemporaneous; Joshua Groffman’s work has been performed by Ars Musica Chorale, New York Music Collective, and Bard’s Vocal Arts Program; works by Bob Lukomski  have been performed by the Jim Sande Ensemble, several church choirs in America, and in England by Ensemble Decadanse; Eric Somers, one the pioneers of electronic music in the early seventies, has done extensive work producing classical concerts for television over many years.
Media mavens include photographer, videographer, and educator Lori Adams who has exhibited extensively in the Hudson Valley. Kathy O’Connor has worked with videography for public access television for many years; Keiko Sono employs visual media, texts, and video linking projects to public participation; Tona Wilson, a painter, book and video artist, whose work has been shown in Great Barrington, Toronto, and Seattle.
One Quiet Plunge is noted both for serious artistic accomplishment as well as innovative ways of presenting contemporary art to the public at low cost. A suggested donation of $10 will be asked at admission. This happening about our history, geography, ecology, artistic heritage, and current perceptions of where we are Don’t arrive with any preconceptions about the program and I’m sure you will leave with new perceptions of where you live.  A second performance is scheduled at SUNY New Paltz on Friday April 17 at 6 p.m.