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An Exhibition of Work by Nancy Lasar at the Moviehouse Gallery

Thu Jul 7th, 2016

The Gallery at the Moviehouse in Millerton has become one of the best places to see art in our area. INTERSECTIONS: Exploring Line and Form in Mixed Mediums, an exhibition of work by Washington, Connecticut artist Nancy Lascar, is currently on view until July 20. 

To achieve her dream-like effects Lascar uses a variety of media including drawing, painting, collage and print making. For some of her work she may employ cliché verre, a combination of painting and or drawing, with photography. Besides familiar printmaking techniques Lasar may also use chine-collé  a special process that allows the artist to capture fine details on such delicate surfaces as Japanese paper or linen.

Lasar’s elegant and ethereal images have often been described as "drawing with light." Light is indeed a key component of these dreamlike works, but what unifies them are the graceful lines that seem to dance and flicker across the surface calling to mind a sheet of music or a page of calligraphy. 

The colors are soft and subtle. Yet even when the work is in black and white, one somehow senses the presence of color. Lasar depicts natural forms: the stems, leaves and blossoms of flowers; butterflies, insects and small birds all pulsing with the energy of living things. 

If one takes the time to look carefully at an images such as “Phoebe” one can discover tiny creatures hidden among dense tangles of graceful stems and leaves. The weeds in the work by that title are depicted in graphite. Floating among them are amorphous shapes in pale colors. They might be fish; perhaps they might even be the lures used to catch fish. Lasar has given us the luxury of deciding for ourselves.