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Election updates

by Stephen Kaye
Tue Mar 1st, 2016

The race for the 19th Congressional District heats up as both parties expect to have primaries on June 28 to choose who will be on the ballot for our two parties in November. New York’s presidential primaries are on April 19. The primaries for local offices are September 13. 

All the congressional candidates are gearing up for the primaries by flooding the mails and by wooing the party leadership at the town and county level.  There are 11 counties and countless towns, more than enough to keep the campaign offices busy.   

The Republican candidates seem to come down to Andrew Heaney of Millbrook and John Faso of Kinderhhook although Bob Bishop, a farmer from Delaware County may also be on the ballot.   Heaney is a political newcomer while Faso is a seasoned politician, having been in the State Assembly where he was the minority leader.  He also ran for governor against Spitzer and for comptroller against Helvisi.  The leading candidates are already trading negative ads.  Both candidates are running against President Obama (who is not running) and both say they will create jobs and bring prosperity to the 19th Congressional District.   

The Democrats will choose between Will Yandik of Livingston in Columbia County and Zeypher Teachout, the Fordham law professor who has established a residence in the town of Dover.  They both have elaborate web sites. 

We will be interviewing the candidates. The results will be found in these pages shortly after we can track them down.