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East Clinton Fire District’s new firehouse returns

by Stephen Kaye
Thu Oct 13th, 2016

At the last meeting of the East Clinton Fire District’s commissioners, preliminary plans for a new firehouse were produced, indicating that a new firehouse is still being considered.  

Towards the end of regular meeting of the East Clinton Fire District meeting on October 12,  Stephanie Bonk, the chairman, said that she had received the plan of a new firehouse on the preceding day.  She put it on a table so it could be viewed by those present.  The plan was photographed and is presented in the link below. 

In answer to questions from the audience, Ms. Bonk said the commissioners haven’t taken any action on the plan and noted that it was a first step and would be subject to various reviews, including a State Environmental Quality Review. 

Asked about the "bunk room" shown on the floor plan, Ms. Bonk suggested it anticipated a time when the trend to paid firefighters might arrive in the East Clinton Fire District.  

There weren’t any comments about cost, need, the likelihood of adoption, or when the commissioners would vote on it.

Commissioner Steve Forchler pointed out that there will be significant additional costs in addition to the cost of the building such as consultants, surveyors, paving, septic, well water, landscaping, etc. 

Apparently the question as to whether there is a demonstrable need has not been discussed, nor has a budget been prepared as to how the taxpayers will pay for such a building project. 

A new firehouse would have to be approved by the voters in the East Clinton Fire District, numbering about 700.  Votes on fire district matters and elections are held on the second Tuesday in December. 

This story is based on information supplied by residents of the East Clinton Fire District who attended the meeting.

Revised Oct. 14.  

A large-size image of the plan is available here.