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Dutchess Day students compete in Lego League Competition

On Saturday, February 7, the Dutchess Day School team of ten 5th through 8th grade students along with their faculty advisors, Darlene Yager and Amanda Ruhe, competed in the Hudson Valley FIRST Lego League competition at the Poughkeepsie Day School. They came in 6th in the robotic mission component of the competition. 
Collaboration: Teammates collaborate prior to the competition. From left to right: Minali Abraham- Aggarwal, Noor Rahman, Ryan M
This year’s theme, “world class,” focused on learning and teaching. The DDS robotics team named themselves “The Dustbusters, ” because children their age always need help learning how to clean their rooms. After researching various learning styles they developed techniques for each one. They also wrote a skit in which the Dustbusters are asked to help a family learn how to clean their bedrooms. 
Competition: The team explains to judges how their robot works, the attachments they designed, and which missions they chose to
The team built mission models that, for example, instructed the robots to pick things up, twist knobs, open a door, or launch a ball into a goal. This year, each task symbolized some aspect of learning. All of the programming required students to use some math and engineering skills.