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Delavergne Hill gets a new look – an overlook

by Stephen Kaye
Fri Jul 29th, 2016

What’s going on at Delavergne Hill? The landscape is changing before our eyes; the hill is being torn up by army of behemoth earth moving machines that have already removed the edge of the ridge.  A new roadway parallel to Route 44 as it bends around before descending into the Amenia hamlet is being laid out to DOT specifications.  The top of the hill is being pushed around to create a parking area; pipes and drainage are being installed and truckloads of crushed stone are being imported for drainage control and as a roadbed. 

What’s it for?  An “overlook.”  

It’s part of the plan.  A small place for a few cars and a few people to look over the golf course, the houses, condos and buildings of Silo Ridge Field Club all in keeping with the planning directive to keep Amenia’s landscape rural.  The earthmoving is not, we are told, about to make a better cornfield.  Did the planners know the extent of earthmoving and underground infrastructure that was necessary to permit a few cars to park so a few people could take pictures?  Did they have any idea what this would cost?  The developer is proceeding in good faith.  The planners wanted an overlook, and they are getting an overlook.  Hopefully, the view down the valley  that will be open to the public will justify the distress of witnessing a hayfield being transformed by massive machines.