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Congressional Campaign News

The 19th race heats up
by Stephen Kaye
Thu Mar 31st, 2016

All the candidates for the 19th Congressional seat raced the clock to gather campaign contributions before the March 31 deadline so they can report how well they are doing in the fund-raising department.  Teachout enlisted Kirsten Gillibrand as an aid to gather funds from a district where Teachout is barely known while Will Yandik found supporters to match last minute campaign contributions. Yandik sent out a late Thursday press release reporting that Teachout backed out of a face-to-face appearance before an Ulster County meeting sponsored by the Marbletown, Rochester and Rosendale Democratic committees.  Yandik is eager to debate Teachout or make a joint appearance. 

Zephyr Teachout, Congressional candidate

Will Yandik, Congressional candidate