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Circling the wagons?

To the editor,
My husband and I bought a house in Amenia 12 years ago, and found our neighbors incredibly welcoming. The area offers easy access to NYC, has beautiful scenery, and feels completely unpretentious. There are a broad range of housing options available, from horse farms to trailer parks. The population is equally diverse, from the few discrete rich and/or famous, to the many regular folk, and those who struggle to get by. Needless to say, this is not the Hamptons, and we wonder about the impact of 500 priveleged new residents.
Our zoning code anticipated resort-type development, and suggested it be modeled on our five historic hamlets. As chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals, I know we twice voted against the gatehouse at Silo Ridge, which makes clear this will be a community apart. I hope the project will succeed, and provide all the promised jobs (we can use them). But it is unfortunate that the conspicuously wealthy choose to segregate themselves, whether in vertiginous new towers shadowing Central Park, or this exclusive rural development. Circling the wagons does not make for a healthy society.
Leo J. Blackman, Wassaic