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Candidates for Village, Town government – Town of Washington

by Stephen Kaye
Thu Oct 6th, 2016

Rodney Brown

The candidates for the open seats in the Village of Millbrook government number five for four vacant seats. 

Rod Brown is running for mayor. He is unopposed. He has been serving as the Village Treasurer, a post he says he undertook “to understand the ‘office’ and to become familiar with what it takes to run a village.”  He understands that the village has suffered from a dearth of leadership.  He is prepared to step in and take charge.

He formerly worked for Bloomberg Financial Market Systems and in construction design. 

Three present village trustees are seeking new terms.  They are Mike Herzog, Brian Hicks and Joseph Rochfort.  Tim Collopy is seeking to return to the village board from which he resigned earlier this year.  He is running for one of two four year terms currently held by Herzog and Rochfort. 

At the Town of Washington, only one position is open.  The candidate is Mike Murphy who currently occupies the seat to which he was appointed in order to fill an unexpired term.  As of this date there is no other known candidate, but the Board of Elections has not completed its list of candidates, so the information is not official. The Board of Elections said it should be able to post the final list of candidates “in a day or two.”