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Campaign news

by Stephen Kaye
Wed Mar 23rd, 2016

The Terry Gipson campaign sent out an email charging Sen. Serino with spreading false claims about his voting record when he was senator. Gipson is campaigning to reclaim the senate seat he lost to Serino in 2012.  The text of his email follows:

Taking a page from the Trump campaign, Sue Serino and Albany's Senate Republic Campaign Committee have started a blatantly false social media campaign to mislead voters about Terry Gipson's views and votes.

In their latest attack, which has been popping up on Facebook pages across the Hudson Valley, they claim that Terry voted to allow welfare benefits to be used to purchase products like alcohol and tobacco. In fact, Terry Gipson voted exactly the opposite way during his term in the state senate. 

S.966, the Public Assistance Integrity Act, a bipartisan bill to restrict inappropriate usage of welfare benefits, was brought up for a vote twice, in 2013 and 2014, and both times Senator Gipson voted in favor of the legislation (see backup below).
“We are not going to stand by and let these types of desperate and dishonest tactics go unanswered,” said Audrey Molsky, spokesperson for the Gipson campaign.  “Terry has always been an honest and hardworking advocate for the Hudson Valley and any attempt to tarnish his record will not be tolerated. We are asking everyone to call Senator Serino’s office (845-229-0106) and demand that she quit lying about Terry’s record and that she have these dishonest ads removed from Facebook immediately.  In addition, we suggest that both Sue and her staff spend more time looking up voting records and less time making stuff up” said Molsky.

Serino’s office did not respond to our request for a statement on Gipson’s charges. If they do respond, their statement will be appended here.