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Artificial Intelligence

by Kevin T. McEneaney
Tue Oct 30th, 2018

"Whoever becomes the leader in [artificial intelligence]

will become the ruler of the world" --Vladimir Putin


It’s coming very soon,

all around you quite a bit.

We’re now about noon,

nearly a fabulous fit.


Make sure to check all boxes

that apply to your dream life,

including all physical specs

for temp mates or wife.


All “work” will be performed

on portable computers

like autos, or just phoned

in to massive data servers.


You won’t have to worry or think—

It will all be done for you.

You can jus sit back and drink

dawn to dusk, laugh the day through.


Yes, we will all be like machines

in artificial neural networks

where language is rational

as we evolve greater “free will.”


In the end you and I

will live on as AI:

immortal algorithms

whose insidious mistakes

will happily replicate

without irony or hate.