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An Armenian Winemaker in the Copper Age

Fri Jan 22nd, 2016

His sandals were found

pointing south from the cave

next to his drinking cup. The vines

he’d staked tailed into the ravine

where the river was sinewy

over the rocks.

Pooled water saved his quicksilver face

for the occasional sun to radiate.


Harvest by harvest he’d watched

himself perish in his son’s dark eyes.

If only the sun would ripen that gaze

and make it light

like the wine in his mouth,

as playful as his younger name.


At dusk father and son stood side by side

without glancing sideways. Both wondered

why all of the blackbirds gathered

in the same flowering tree,

and how they could agree

on which one was the richest.


Jonathan Wells, a member of the American Academy of Poets, is the author of The Man With Many Pens from Four Way Books. He lives in New York City. He recently read at the Millbrook Library.