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Amenia Schedules Approval of Silo Ridge

by Stephen Kaye
Tue Nov 17th, 2015

Amenia schedules approval of Silo Ridge this Thursday at 7 p.m.

The schedule of the town board meeting of Amenia for Thursday, November 19, lists approval of the Findings Statement and Easements for the Silo Ridge project. The resolutions for approval will be available for adoption at this meeting. 

The schedule also lists adoption of next year’s budget and settlement of a lawsuit as well as departmental reports and a SEQRA step for an application for a composting operation.

There is a public comment period. 

Town board members report being lobbied by members of the planning board who are anxious that the Silo Ridge project be approved in the form as proposed by the developer without discussion or examination of issues that many think are unresolved.  Those issues were raised in the Article 78 brought by the Amenia Fish and Game Club but were not resolved when that case was discontinued by the petitioner.