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The 19th CD race

by Stephen Kaye
Mon Apr 11th, 2016

The Republicans:  In the latest round in the battle of campaign flyers we find Faso attacking Heaney for making a campaign donation to Barack Obama in 2007.  Heaney has come out against the Pilgrim Pipeline that is proposed for the NY Thuway right-of-way, pointing out that the Thuway Authority is broke, needs the money, and that John Faso is a consultant to the pipeline company.  He suggests the Authority has outlived its usefulness.  

The Democrats:  Zephyr Teachout boasts that she raised $520,000 in two months, beating her goal of $400,000.  She does not disclose whether her contributions came from the 19th CD or from the entire country.  The Yandik campaign says Teachout she running to gain national recognition.  The Yandik campaign has not released its fund-raising totals.      

We learned from local sources that Teachout rents a house on Honey Lane with a Dover Plains address but is registered on the Amenia voting rolls. 

The primary for the 19th Congressional race is June 28.

The Presidential primary is April 19.

Only voters who have registered for a party can vote in the primaries; you can only vote for the party for which you have registered.