This weekend five exciting matches were played between the teams hoping to reach the finals next weekend of the Tracey Mactaggart polo tournament. 

In Bracket A Hawk Hill defeated Gardenvale 12-11 

In Bracket B Heathcote defeated Shekomeko 11-8 

In Bracket A Smithfield defeated Stone Rows 14-9 

In Bracket A  Stone Rows defeated Gardenvale 11-10 

In Bracket A Gardenvale defeated Smithfield 13-8 


Friday September 4  The Tracey Mactaggart semi-finals 

3:00 pmHeathcote vs Smithfield

5:30 pmHawk Hill vs Shekomeko.


 Sunday, September 6:

10:00 am Tracey Mactaggart Handicap Final   - Stone Rows vs Buena Vista

12:00 12pm Tracey Mactaggart Final








Friday, August 21

4 pm - Hawk Hill vs Smithfield 

5:45 pm - Buena Vista vs Shekomeko


Sunday, August 23

10:00 am - Hawk Hill vs Stone Rows

12 Noon - Heathcote vs Buena Vista



The Four Teams in Bracket A 


Craig Callen 0 

Jared Zenni 3

Julio Ezcurra 4

John Klopp 1

Total 8

Stone Rows

Kim Foley/ Frank Evans -1

Andy Fairclough 2

Brian Fairclough 3

Andrew Fairclough 1

Total 5


Shane Finemore 0

Jaime Bourdie 1

Agustin Zavaleta 4

Tomas Alberdi 3

Total 8

Hawk Hill

Juanse Olivera -1

Ian Mactaggart 0

Gringo Colombres 6

Wesley Finlayson 3

Total 8


The Three Teams in Bracket B  


David Kuhn -1

Robi Bilbao 3

Tatin Zubiaurre 6

Oak Thorne 0

Total 8


Oli Merison 1

Maxi Chenaut 2

Tavi Usandizaga 5

Guy Merison 0

Total 8

Buena Vista

Bruce Colley 1

Henry Zavaleta 3

Bauti Crotto  3

Don Langlois 1

Total 8



August 12:  Eventing Nation, the go-to journal of eventing, has published a glowing report about Alice Roosevelt and The Foreman, her 19 year old thoroughbred gelding whom she credits with her recent successes.  Last weekend the pair were fourth in the Junior Training A division at Millbrook Horse Trials. 

Chip, as he is called in the barn, became a legend in U.S. eventing before he retired from the upper levels of competition.  Last winter when Alice was looking for an experienced horse to take her to the Training level, Chip’s owner, Annie Jones, thought he might be the answer. And so it has proved.  

“It’s been really fun and educational to get to ride him, especially in dressage because he knows all the different movements,” Alice told Eventing Nation. “It’s also been really cool to compete him because he saves you a lot over the jumps. When you make a mistake, it’s not game over. He really takes care of you on course.”

For more on this story please go to



Augsut 5, 2015

The Sandanona Joint Puppy Show was a great success again this year with an outstanding turnout of both children and puppies. 

The judges - Joint Masters of the Hill and Hollow Bassets, Marion Scullin and Carter Amigh, - managed to sort out the even dozen Beagle Doghounds representing the Old Chatham Foot Beagles, the Sandanona Harehounds and Kate Butler's Beagles in the first class. There were fewer entries in the Beagle Bitch class. The Beagle championship went to Sandanona Vagabond shown by Abel with Sandanona Binchy shown by Anna in reserve.1095 Anna, with Sandanona Binchy - photo by Pat Ike

For the Basset classes the Tewksbury Foot Bassets sportingly brought their Young Entry to be shown by child volunteers from Old Chatham and Sandanona. Sandanona’s Basset’s puppy was too shy to be happy in the ring, and was excused from participation.

In the Championship class for Bassets Sandanona Stella nailed down the supreme rosette, with Sandanona Steamer in reserve. 

1096 Abel, with Sandanona Vagabond, who was the Show Champion - photo by Pat Ike

August 3, 2015

The Millbrook Horse Trials ended Sunday afternoon.  Before a large crowd at the Benefit lunch Buck Davidson won the Advance Division on Ballynoecastle RM, the same horse with which he won the MHT in 2012. Kim Severson with Fernhill Fearless was second and Lynn Symansky with Donner was third in the advance.  See below for the rest of the results.

Luncheon guests applauded as former Olympian and U.S. Chef d’Equipe David O’Connor presented the second annual $5,000 Charles Owen Award to United States Equestrian Federation’s (USEF) high-performance eventing riders. Several of these top riders were competitors at this year’s event including Olympians Boyd Martin, Philip Dutton and Buck Davidson.

Presenting the safety helmet maker’s award which recognizes a person or team who has made a significant contribution to highlighting safety in the sport O’Connor said, “I’m delighted to present this award to these top riders who are role models not only as gifted equestrians but for setting important safety standards in the sport.”

August 1, 2015

In the Advanced division at the end of the dressage and cross country phases Colleen Rutledge is in first place with Covert Rights. Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless is second followed by Maya Black and Doesn’t Play Fair in third. Bruce Davidson on Ballynoecastle RM is fourth. In Open Intermediate-B Buck Davidson is in both first and second place on Carlevo and Approved Power respectively.  They will complete the third phase of the competition – Stadium Jumping – tomorrow.

Millbrook riders have done well.  Fernanda Kellogg has finished the weekend fourth on Atlee in Novice Rider-A. Booli Selmayer finished the competition first on The Fonz Himself and second on Lord Nekton in Open Novice-A.  She was first and second in that division throughout the competition.

The three Duggan ladies finished brilliantly.  Josephine Duggan won Beginner Rider Novice-A on Buster Keaton. In Junior Training-A Anna Duggan finished the competition third on Kildare’s Chesca while their mother, Madeline Duggan, finished third in Open Beginner Novice on Senor Dehere.

August 1, 2015

At the end of the dressage phase most of the top riders were in close contention.  Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless with a 26.2 is leading the 57 Advanced riders; next is Lynn Symansky on Donner with 27.9, followed by Bruce Davidson on Ballynoecastle RM with 28.1.  Colleen Rutledge on Covert Rights, Holly Payne on Santino and Justine Dutton on Jollybo are only a few tenths of a point behind. Phillp Dutton, Laine Ashker are all in the running should the leaders turn in less than perfect performances in the remaining two phases.

As in past years, both professional and amateur riders are on more than one horse. Bruce Davidson, who won Advanced on Balltnocastle RM in 2012,  is riding three in Open Intermediate and two in Advanced.  Boyd Martin is riding four locally owned horses in Open Prelim as well as one in Open Intermediate and one in Advanced.  

Millbrook riders worth a mention after both the dressage and cross country phases are Fernanda Kellogg who is now fourth on Atlee in Novice Rider-A. In Open Novice-A Booli Selmayer remains first on The Fonz Himself and second on Lord Nekton. 

July 31, 2015

Most of the Advanced riders begin competition today.  A few, however, rode the dressage phase Thursday. In first place as of Friday morning is Kim Severson on Fernhill Fearless. Second is Colleen Rutledge and Covert Rights, and third is Holly Payne on Santino.

Millbrook riders worth a mention in the dressage phase are Fernanda Kellogg who was second on Atlee in Novice Rider-A. In Open Novice-A Booli Selmayer was first on The Fonz Himself and second on Lord Nekton.  She was also first in Open Beginner Novice on Einstein.

Alice Roosevelt was second in Junnior Training-A on The Foreman, and in Junior Training-B she was second on South Park.  In Beginner Novice Rider-A Josephine Duggan was third on Buster Keaton. Darrah Alexander was second on Kildare’s Ballyhale in Open Novice-B.

We will update the standings as the weekend progresses.  In a day or so please check our MHT 2105 gallery for phitographs of the event,


July 29, 2015


1075 photo by Kirsten Edlund1076 photo by Tony Henneberg1077 photo by Kirsten Edlund1078 photo by Tony Henneberg1079 photo by Tony Henneberg1080 Announcer Julio Ezcurra - photo by Carola Lott 1081 Nova Escocia runners up - Tres Quartros - photo by Carola Lott1082 Buena Vista - winners of the Nueva Escocia - photo by Carola Lott1083 Gardenvale - runners up of the Eddie Moore -photo by Carola Lott1085 and his best playing pony Entrerriana - photo by Juan Oilivera

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