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The Past weeks have been busy for Field Hockey with two games against Mizzentop and two against Rumsey. DDS has kept their undefeated season with the following scores in those games.  

Mizzentop 1-1 (Tie)  - Friday October 10th

Rumsey 4-2 (Win) - Thursday October 16th

Rumsey  1-0 (Win in Overtime) - Wednesday October 22nd

Mizzentop 5-2 (Win) - Friday October 24th 

Throughout all four games Dutchess Day defense proved to be phenomenal. Led by Goalie Lucy Blake, whose skill and communication keeps the opponents from having good looks at the goal. Sofia Quon as sweeper has also grown tremendously throughout this season, which is her first time playing the sport. She is a reliable and strong player, who the girls depend on in the backfield. She plays with intensity and smart decision making. Cora Davidson plays center halfback and is another tough defender for Dutchess, not only stopping the play from getting down into the defensive circle but providing support for the offense, enabling them to keep momentum up in our offensive 25. 

October 27, 2014

Dutchess Day Varsity Soccer 2   Steiner 1

Match played at Steiner School, Gt. Barrington on Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

October 23, 2014

There is something magical in the bond between little girls and their ponies. Seldom, however, is the bond quite as magical as the one four-year-old Kaitlin Linck, known to her family as KK, has established with her pony, Sweet Potato Pie. This summer the pair has been winning most of the classes they have entered in major horse shows along the East Coast.    

Kaitlin won the leadline class at the Devon, Pennsylvania, national horse show against 50 other young riders. She won the Pennsylvania National horse show in Harrisburg and placed third in Upperville, Virginia, against 56 other riders. In the 25 shows she has entered this year, she has won 22 first places, one second and one third. 

714 photo by Lindey Farkas

Obviously, as her mother says in something of an understatement, Kaitlin “is quite an accomplished rider.” Less obvious, perhaps, is her desire to win and her willingness to do the work that is necessary to accomplish her goal. These qualities are quite remarkable in any child, especially one her age.

This past week Milbrook High School had a rousing series of Homecoming events that ended with a victory for the varsity football team against Tri-Valley 54-16. Kicking off the week, MHS students participated in “Hawaiian shirt day” where students and staff dressed up like beach goers and roamed the halls to music of the Beach Boys. This “Spirit Week” at MHS provided an overwhelming amount of school pride with each day of the week having a different theme. Days included, Jersey Day, Color Wars, America Day, and wrapping up the week with school colors, Blue and Grey day on Friday. The festivities didn’t end the last day of Spirit Week though, school spirit continued to the pep rally and Varsity football game. The pep rally featured numerous games competed between grades and even had a surprise staff and teacher flash mob.  Later Friday night the Varsity Football team won against Tri-Valley with overall impressive play. There was excellent offensive play  Delvin Wood and Michael DoCarmo as well as significant defensive play from Chris Caroli and Connor O’Donnell.

Posted: 10/8/14

After this year’s great start, the Blazers footballers ran into stiff opposition.  They lost an unbearably tight game against the Highland Huskies last week, losing 31-30 in the last 19 seconds of the game. They then took on the Sullivan West Bull Dogs Saturday night in Jeffersonville, NY.  Coach Sean Keenan warned the team during their weekly practice that Sullivan had improved and it wouldn’t be an easy win. Sullivan proved to be strong, beating the Blazers 12-20 on Saturday, Oct. 4. 

According to running back and safety sophomore Delvin Wood, it wasn’t as cold as they were expecting. Despite a hard week of practice the Blazers were not able to shake off Sullivan West. Wood said the team had a tough time in the fourth quarter and made a bunch of mental mistakes. Wood made six tackles in the game and scored one touchdown in the second quarter. 

At mid-season, the Millbrook Varsity Girls Soccer team have a record on one win and one tie after six games. They played Rhinebeck, Pine Plains, Saugerties, Dover, Webutuck and Highland. The Lady Blazers fought hard on the field and kept their adversary’s scores low. Their worst loss, against Rhinebeck, was 0-4. Millbrook girls are play Red Hook on Friday. Coach Sean McGuigan says the team is young and it will take time for girls to step up, but he’s hopeful for the rest of the season. 

September 14, 2014

The Millbrook High School was triumphant again this week defeating Spackenkill 65-20.  

Delvin Wood carried the ball 13 times for four touchdowns. He also scored two two-point conversions to finish with 232 yards rushing.  

678 photo by Antoinette Carpentier

Mike Docarmo had two touchdowns rushing. Leif Christiansen had one touchdown and Lenny Hart also scored. 

679 photo by Antoinette Carpentier

The defense also played well.  Jacob Higgins had eight tackles while Chris Carolei had seven tackles and a sack. 

Millbrook hosts Pine Plains on Friday. 



September 10, 2014 On a blisteringly hot and humid Labor Day afternoon, Heathcote defeated Hawk Hill, 8–7, to win the Tracey Mactaggart Challenge Tournament. This year five teams competed in the 12-goal tournament held in memory of Tracey Woodcock Mactaggart, who died tragically playing the game she loved.  661 Despite the heat, it was a thrilling match. One team would be ahead by a goal and in a matter of minutes, the other team would catch up to even the score. Not surprisingly, the game was decided in overtime by a penalty shot by Tatin Zubiaurre, who was the top scorer of the match. Francisco Lanusse won Most Valuable Player, and his mare Cicatriz was voted best playing pony. 663 Thanks in no small part to manager Juan Olivera, Mashomack polo this summer has been better than ever.  664 Mot valuable player, Francisco Lanusse and his mare Cicatriz the best playing pony 665 Tatine Zubiaurre the high scorer of the match 666 Runners up Hawk Hill

The Millbrook Blazers Football team is back in action after winning their first game  against Dover on Sunday. The Blazers think of themselves as a family one of whose more prominent members we pinned down for a few minutes.   

Senior Reggie Colley guides the team from the quarterback  position.  He has been on the team since a freshman, becoming a starter by his sophomore year. Reggie is a slim 6 footer with a low cut faux hawk Afro.  He talks with a smile as he speaks about his love for the sport. 

“I started playing football when I was five doing pop warner for the Raiders,” said Colley. “When you’re a kid your parents want you to try different things and I tried it and fell in love with it. I love the passion, I love working hard and I love the game and just playing.”

Posted September 8, 2014

The World Equestrian Games, the pinnacle of equestrian sport, happens every four years at a new international location, gathering the best of the best from all over the world. WEGs as they are known in the equestrian world, rival the Olympics for world- class equestrian competition. The equestrian community finds itself waking up at odd hours because of the time difference, eyes glued to the live stream on the Internet.  This year they were held from August 23rd - September 7th in Normandy, France. In 2018 the WEG will be in Bromont, Canada. 

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