Victoria Perotti won the Republican Primary in Amenia against incumbent Supervisor, Bill Flood, 170-107.  These are paper results, uncertified, without absentee votes.  Ms. Perotti stated: "I want to thank all the voters and look forward to serving Amenia and Wassaic in the future."
  There was a party atmosphere in Pawling on Saturday as crowds of visitors picked through the bargains offered at the 19th annual Community Garage Sale. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, this year's event had over 80 participants. Many purchased spots for tables in the village for $30 while others bought the telltale yellow balloons for $20 and spread their sale merchandise out on their lawns. Maps listing all of the venues were provided free of charge to shoppers. Coupons were also offered to attract shoppers to specific merchants.  According to Marie Stewart, organizer of the event and owner of the Yarn & Craft Box, "the fees go to advertising the event, to bring people into town to shop."  
  Each year the "School Supply Committee" of the Millbrook Rotary raises money to donate school supplies to local students who qualify for the National School Lunch Program (signed into law by President Harry S Truman in 1946).  If families cannot afford enough food, then school supplies are probably also beyond their reach. About 16 percent of Millbrook Central School District or 176 students qualify for free lunches and another 40-50 students qualify for reduced cost lunches. A budget of about $8,000 would be required to provide all of these Millbrook students with the necessary school supplies.  In the Webutuck School District (which does not have a Rotary Club) and where almost 300 students qualify for free lunches the need is even greater.  
     I spoke with chef/owner Joe Comizio  of the much anticipated new restaurant, Trattoria San Giorgio, on the corner of Franklin and Church Streets. He expects to open in a few short weeks The trattoria will be a full service Italian restaurant specializing in brick oven Neopolitan Pizza (12 inch individual portions) that will be served in the dining room or available for pick up.      The Orvis Game Fair will be held September 21st and 22nd.  Country sport enthusiasts (shooting, hunting, fly -fishing, wing shooting, falconry, dog training, etc.) should plan on two full days at the fair. Demonstrations, seminars and fun activities for the kids are all on the program. Over 70 vendors of fine sporting goods and services will be present to display their wares. The event usually brings about 3000 participants to Millbrook,  many of whom also make their way into the village.  

Eva Anderson, 18 has lived in Millbrook her whole life. At Millbrook High School she was a member of the drama club and president her senior year. She was involved in art club, environmental club, interact club and sang in a treble choir outside of school. Her other interests include photography, reading, writing, and theatre/music. After Anderson returns from France she will attend Bard College but is undecided what she will study. 

What are your initial reactions since arriving in France last week?

Everyone here is so nice and the food is so good! It’s been kind of surprising to find out that some of the positive French 'stereotypes' are very true. For example, they take a lot of pride in their food, lots of good bread, good cheese etc. As an exchange student you have to keep an open mind which means not putting too much weight into stereotypes. Going in with that mindset made it very surprising to find that many of the good ones are true, at least with the family I'm staying with.

Why did you want to be part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program? Is this your first time leaving the country? If not where else have you traveled?

Emily Reid 

Arvolyn Hill interviewed Emily Reid, 18, who graduated from Millbrook High School in June.  She says she is interested in history, sociology, psychology and art. At Millbrook,  she was involved with drama club as a member of the cast and crew. She has taken every art class Millbrook High School offers except one. Reid is still unsure what she would like to study upon returning from Turkey but she is hoping her time abroad will help her figure it out.

Tell me what you know so far about the country you will be staying in? 

I'll be staying in Marmaris, Turkey. The city has a residential population of around 35,000 people, but generally has around 400,000 people during the peak tourist season. The country's largest and most famous city is Istanbul, an 11-hour drive away from Marmaris. The country is littered with historic sites and home to some of the oldest ancient civilization ruins ever discovered.

Why did you want to be apart of the Youth Exchange program? Is this your first time leaving the country, where else have you traveled?

The village board went into executive session during the August 28 meeting to discuss the Throne Building. Village Mayor Laura Hurley asked the board for authorization to sign a modified complaint. In June Hurley signed an Article 15 to negate the revert clause attached to the Throne Building and terminate the lease with the Thorne Project Limited.

The revert clause connected to the building was implemented in 1896 when the Thorne Building was first given as a gift to the village from the Thorne family. The revert clause stated that the village was to use the Thorne Building for educational purposes only. If not the building would go back to the existing heirs of the Thorne Family. Currently the village has been tracking down the heirs to see if they have any interest in taking ownership of the building. Hurley said that because the research to contact the heirs of the Thorne Building is not complete, it has yet to be filed in court. The modification will split the Villages’ Article 15 into two parts. 

Community Day Offers a Celebration for All 

By Arvolyn Hill

The first Saturday in September marks Community Day for the Village of Millbrook. Franklin Avenue was packed with neighbors, friends, grandparents, dogs, children, and cheerleaders to celebrate the place they call home. 

The Millbrook Business Association plans this day around the village businesses so visitors and residents can become more familiar with what is offered here.   It’s less about discounts and more about a show of talents, style and friendliness. 

On September 7, Franklin Avenue was filled with a smorgasbord of organizations that serve the community.  Millbrook Rotary had a shelter box for their disaster relief program, VFW Post 9008 was serving up sausages and peppers and children were jumping in one of town clerk Mary Alex’s blue bouncy houses.

The lives of Zachary Pruner 16 of Stanfordville and Gian Paola Stagnaro 17 of Pine Plains were tragically taken Thursday, Aug. 29 in a fatal car accident. The crash occurred Thursday afternoon on Schultz Hill Road in Pine Plains. Pruner and Stagnaro were in the vehicle with Dustin Hale 16 and Niall Johnson 16 both from Pine Plains, all students of Stissing Mountain High School. 

The Dutchess County Sheriffs Department reported that Hale was driving a 2000 Subaru Impreza at high speed when the vehicle lost control and ran off the road. The vehicle crashed into a number of trees, rolled over and before coming to a final stop. Pruner was without a seat belt and was thrown from the vehicle, Stagnaro and Pruner where pronounced dead on the scene. Hale was transported to Albany Medical Center where he was treated for life threatening injuries and Johnson was brought to St. Francis Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

In a meeting with representatives of Olivet University and Olivet Management late last week, this paper learned that Olivet University in San Francisco has approximately 250 on-campus students and is in its tenth year of operation. It has seven areas of specialization, forming seven colleges. They are Theology, Music, Graphic Design, Journalism, Language Education, Business and Information Technology.

Olivet Management was formed to run the properties that have been acquired with a view to expanding the university. In addition to the Dover Knolls property in the Town of Dover, Olivet Management currently manages other properties in the United States, including one in Houston, Texas.  

Olivet University presently has a business school that offers business courses in New York City. It has applied for a charter from the New York State Department of Education that would authorize it to create a new, Christian based university in the state.

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