At Millbrook Rotary last week, 21-year old Taylor P, a current resident of Florence Manor, gave her first hand experience as a reformed drug addict. She told

of going from a high achieving student at Arlington High School to an addict and then her long road to recovery. She now lives drug free and is willing to talk about her experience. She says her contemporaries would do well not to follow in her footsteps.


The Millbrook Rotary’s invited guest was Stacey Gobins, Director of Mid Hudson Addiction Recovery Center. Florence Manor is one of the largest women’s recovery residencies in the county.

In May the Dutchess County Legislature authorized an $800,000 bond to fund the demolition of nine buildings at the Eastern Dutchess Government Center (EDGC) historically known as the Dutchess Infirmary. The buildings slated for demolition are in a state of decay. Since the demolition was announced has been little movement at the property on Oak Summit Road and no official announcements. TMI spoke with Dutchess County Communications Director Colleen Pillus for clarity on the future of the EDGC.

TMI: When will the demolition happen? Who is going to be hired to do the demolition? 

The question we raise in this article is why the cost of educating a student in Millbrook Central School District is more expensive than educating a student in the Housatonic School District in Connecticut.  In approaching this question, we had to acquire budget information from both districts and digest that information to determine if cost figures are reasonably consistent and comparable.

Here we report on the cost figures taken from the MSCD 2014-15 budget.

Total 2014-15 budget approved by voters:  27,756,134

Number of students expected in 2014-15:      1229

Cost per student                        22,584

Paid by local taxpayers-            23,045,208

tax burden per student        18,752

Housatonic Valley Regional Schools - High School only

Approved 2014-15 budget15,150,377

Number of students expected      633

Cost per student     23,920

Paid by local taxpayers10,046,466

On Thursday, June 10, Jack Banning and Christian Eisenbeiss addressed a gathering in Pine Plains about their plans to restore the Memorial Hall in the center of town. 

Eisenbeiss is one of Pine Plains’s most ardent citizens; he saved the Stissing House from demolition and restored it as one of the cornerstone properties of downtown Pine Plains. 

Jack Banning, who owns the Pine Plains Platter, commissioned architect Doug Larsen to paint a mural on the side of that building, overlooking the Peck’s Market parking lot, depicting the old Pine Plains railroad station. The third partner in the venture that has acquired the brick Memorial Hall building is Ariel Schlein, co-owner of Dutch’s Spirits distillery. 

The three men insist they have no interest in making a profit from their venture. Their goal, they say, is to preserve the character of Pine Plains and attract visitors to the area who would support local businesses. They would also like to encourage foot traffic in the town.

The Town of Washington is seeking two candidates to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals. The Zoning Board of Appeals is a volunteer board that approves area and use variances and interpretations of the zoning code.  Interested candidates must be a resident of the Town of Washington and be able to attend evening meetings on the third Tuesday of the month.

Immediately after the Dutchess Day School graduation, demolition crews began tearing the old science wing down to its foundations. Built originally in the 1970s and revamped in the late 1990s, the wing had two classrooms where students starting in kindergarten were taught science and conducted laboratory experiments. 

The new plan includes three new classrooms big enough accommodate growing class sizes, a large, modern lecture hall and laboratory space for upper school classes. A new staircase will improve traffic flow. The renovation of an existing room closer to the K-4 homerooms is underway for a lower school science classroom. 

Most of the funding for this project was raised privately from major donors. In April, the parents association of the school hosted a fundraising event for parents, board members, and friends of the school to contribute to the capital project. 

Architects Kaeyer, Garment and Davidson created the design for the project and Mid Hudson Construction Management is doing the construction, which will be complete by the time school opens on September 4th. 

Posted: July 10, 2014



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July 7, 2014:  Mike Kelsey (Rep), county legislator for Amenia, Washington, Pleasant Valley and the Village of Millbrook announced his candidacy for the 106th Assembly seat now held by Didi Barrett.  His announcement followed the decision by Sue Serino, also a county legislator, to drop out of this race and run against Terry Gipson in a senate race. 

Barrett, a Democrat, has established herself as a formidable campaigner, winning handily in 2012 in a district that had long been Republican. The district that covers ten towns and the city of Hudson in Columbia County and nine town in Dutchess, including Amenia, Stanford and Clinton. 

604 Didi Barrett comments on Common Core

Kelsey is an attorney, teaches part time at Marist as an adjunct professor, and is an avid mountain climber.   

605 Mike Kelsey

August 7, 2014:  The annual Erin Shanley Memorial 5K Race will be held on Saturday, August 16th at the Lion's Club Pavilion in Pine Plains as a memorial to a student at Pine Plains who was a scholar-athlete. She died from cancer in 2004. Tim Reynolds has been running this annual fund-raiser ever since. Funds are donated for research and cancer patients.

All funds go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee that specializes in treating children suffering from cancer.  They now have a 90 percent survival rate.     

Registration for the race will begin at 8:15 a.m. The 5K/1 Mile Races begins at 9 a.m. Following the races there will be a pancake breakfast (with all funds going to help the kids at St. Jude's). Registration is $10 for the 5K race, and $5 for the 1 mile. 


July 26, 2014--Environmental consultants to the Amenia Planning Board raised questions about steep slopes, erosion and the potential for stormwater runoff to introduce pollutants and silt into local streams and wetlands. Memos to the Amenia Planning Board from environmental consultants Michael Klemens and Mary Ann Johnson were submitted in April and May. The applicant, Silo Ridge Ventures, LLC, has yet to respond in writing to all the issues they raised.

Silo Ridge is trying to have a prior approval of the environmental impact statement (SEQR) from a 2009 application applied to the present, still incomplete application. The comments of the consultants question the extent of soil disturbance and what seems to be more extensive disturbance of steep slopes.

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