November 19, 2014  As of the last published count, Didi Barrett (Dem. Hudson) was 137 votes ahead of Mike Kelsey. The Dutchess County Board of Elections were still counting the absentee ballots in the Town of Poughkeepsie as of Monday. Columbia County was also engaged in counting the absentee ballots.  There are 1,500 plus ballots that still need to be counted. A final count won’t be known until the end of next week.       

November 19, 2014 

Over the course of one week, the Millbrook varsity football team made history. It started on Saturday, November 8, at Dietz Memorial Stadium, when the Blazers defeated the Sullivan West Bull Dogs to win a Section 9 title.

The stadium was packed with classmates, parents and Millbrook fans who traveled to Kingston for the game. The win made Millbrook one of eight teams that currently have a Class C status in the state. The last time the team won this title was in 2010.  Despite losing their starting quarterback, Delvin Wood, to a shoulder sprain in the first four minutes of the game, the Blazers dominated, shutting out Sullivan West, 24–0. Linebacker Connor O’Donnell said it was a team win.

“We played with a lot of emotion and passion.  It was awesome,” said O’Donnell.

Head coach Sean Keenan said that Millbrook held the ball 37 minutes out of the game’s 48 minutes. 

The Mobil Station in Mabbettsville was robbed at 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 13 after closing hours.  Owner Jeff Alhaj said the robber broke the glass door, smashed the cash register, stole $400 and was gone in a matter of a minute or less.  

The alarm system was on, but it didn’t go off.  Alhaj found out that the system was not state of the art.  He is now waiting for an upgrade.  The robbery wasn’t noticed until 1:30 a.m. when the person who drops off newspapers saw that the glass door was smashed and called the sheriffs.  Deputy Sheriff John Watterson said sheriffs checked for fingerprints on the cash register, took the surveillance tapes and told Alhaj that if they found any additional information they would be in touch.   Alhaj said he hasn’t heard back.  He has replaced the door which cost $400 and was waiting for a new cash register that would be $800. 

Alhaj said the ice cream shop next door had been robbed three times in the last year.

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November 19, 2014 

Since the Variety Store next to the Post Office has closed Marona's now sells The New York Times and The Daily News, Millbrook Floral Design offers balloons and greeting cards (including boxed Christmas cards) and as previously reported Punch will take in your dry cleaning. The Millbrook Pharmacy has also added greeting cards, chocolates and candles to their inventory. 

Village Wine & Spirits on Front Streets is conducting wine tastings of suggested Thanksgiving wines on Saturday, November 22nd and Wednesday Nov 25th from noon to 7pm.

Former Millbrook resident, Melanie Michon recently celebrated the 6th anniversary  of her HappyTails pet care business in nearby Pleasant Valley .Still providing her Millbrook clientelle with dog walks, pet sitting, "Pawjama" parties pet taxi and pet related errands. Speaking of pets, the new Groomingdale's boutique is  "thrilled with the reception from Village residents". They are "learning from our customers the types of items they are interested in and making orders to carry them.  It is heart warming to be able to have a small store in the Village we call home".

November 13, 2014 

Those who drive by the old Mabbestville Market on Route 44 may have noticed what looks like a revival of that once popular gathering spot.  The roof has been replaced, the outside has been repainted in tasteful colors and an application has been filed with the Town Planning Board for a renewal of the special permit that would allow the market to reopen.  According to the workmen at the jobsite, the interior will need extensive rebuilding to remove all traces of mold that developed over the 7 years that the building has been empty. 

November 12, 2014

It was an overcast morning as family, friends and onlookers, holding tiny American flags, gathered on the green in front of the Millbrook Fire House.  Millbrook like the rest of the country, was remembering its veterans, giving them a moment, if not in the sun, then a moment of respect and honor. 

A few young veterans, dressed in uniform, stood apart from the older generations who wore their VFW Post 9008 regalia. They lined up on the green across from the public holding flags.

Town Supervisor and VFW member Gary Ciferri gave the opening remarks. Reverend Dr. Matthew Calkins from Grace Church gave a prayer. Three members of the VFW Post 9008 placed a wreath on the WWII memorial while the American flag was lifted to the sky. Everyone jumped as a crack of a gun blasted in lieu of taps.  Ciferri  took a moment to read the names of the veterans from the village and town that have passed in the previous year. The list was long.  It included Peter Wing and Albert DeBonis Senior. 

Posted: November 10

Silo Ridge has decided to move the wastewater treatment plant from a visible site near Route 44 to the southern side of the site, on the old Harlem Valley Landfill near the maintainance area and south of the entrance off Route 22.  The Amenia Planning Board announced the decision at its November 6 meeting.  All four of the town’s consultants had been concerned about the location of the wasterwater treatment plant. 

The other area of concern is the Delavergne viewshed.

“All the trees on the outside of the corner will be removed up to where there is a large triangular grove,” said Amenia Planning Board chair Norm Fontaine. “On the inside of the corner, all trees up to a large cornfield will be removed.  They will be replaced with grass to optimize the viewshed.” 

The Millbrook football team won a Section 9 title on Saturday, Nov. 8 at Dietz Memorial Stadium. The stadium was packed with classmates, parents and Millbrook fans all who traveled to Kingston for the game. The team defeated the Sullivan West Bulldogs 24-0.  Millbrook is one of eight teams that currently have a class C status. The last time the team won this title was 2010.  Despite losing their starting Quarterback Delvin Wood to a shoulder injury in the first 4 minutes of the game, the Blazers dominated the field shutting out the Sullivan West Bulldogs. Senior Captain and linebacker Conor O’Donnell said Saturday was a team win. 


This family of wildcats recently paid a visit to the farm belonging to Albert Francke near Millerton, NY.

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