At a forum for municipal leaders hosted by County Executive Marc Molinaro last Friday, he laid out the state plan for tax rebates for qualifying governments who reduce the tax levy through structural efficiencies by at lest one percent starting in 2016.  The deadline for filing the plan outlining how it will be implemented is June 1, 2015.

The state plan is just one of several measures that pass along savings to taxpayers by eliminating unneeded services or by consolidations that produce efficiencies.

One example cited in the materials that were passed out would be consolidation of fire companies.  Another would be town highway departments sharing equipment or sharing services such as joint purchases of materials or consolidating two departments into one.

Representatives from Amenia and Stanfordville were in attendance, but, according to the County Executive’s office, no one from the Town of Washington showed up.

Dutchess County Sheriffs Department reported that 57-year old Randy G Miles of Kent was likely the driver of the vehicle that killed Concetta Eastman on Bog Hollow Road on March 19.

They traced him through a black Dodge truck that witnesses saw leaving the scene.

It was found in Kent on Saturday.   It wasn’t until Tuesday that Miles turned himself in to the Sheriff’s Office.  Detectives reported it was confirmed he was connected to the hit and run.

Ms Eastman, 36, who lived in Copake, was the foreign order business manager at Harney & Sons Fine Teas in Millerton.   She was a graduate of Webutuck High School and was currently enrolled at Dutchess Community College for Business Management. Eastman leaves behind two daughters Octaviana age 4 and Auriella age 2 as well as her fiancé Sean Hosier. The family was not available to comment.  A funeral was held for Eastman at Millerton Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, March 25.

Smithfield Presbyterian Church

656 Smithfield Valley Road, Amenia, NY, (845) 373-8320

Sunday, April 5   Easter service 10:00 am

St Thomas Episcopal Church

40 Leedsville Rd., Amenia, NY, (845) 373-9161

Thursday, April 2: Maundy Thursday - a quiet communion service -6:00pm

Friday, April 3: Good Friday service 5:15 pm

Sunday, April 5: Easter Sunday Service 10:30 am

St Peter's Church, Lithgow

692 Deep Hollow Rd, Millbrook, NY, (845) 677-9286

April 3  Good Friday 

12 to 1 p.m. Last words, with preaching by Rev. Matt Caulkins

             7 p.m. Evening service at Grace Church, Canon Albert Ogle preaching

April 4   Holy Saturday   

The Great Vigil of Easter and Lighting the Pascal Fire 7 p.m.; potluck supper      

April 5  Easter Sunday   

8 am; 9 am & 11a.m. with choir; Easter Egg hunt at 11. 

Grace Church

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The Town of Washington’s town board appointed Jeff Feigelson as a town justice at the board meeting on Thursday, March 12.  Feigelson will replace Bruce Audin, who is retiring.  

Feigelson, a 53-year-old Long Islander, has been practicing law for 28 years. A graduate of the Boston University School of Law, he spent 17 years in New York City practicing law with several firms, including Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett. He was a partner at Sidley Austin LLP. For seven years he served as an arbitrator in Small Claims Court, deciding small-claims disputes in New York City, where most small claims disputes are decided by arbitrators, not judges. 

In 2002 Feigelson started Bellmore Partners, Inc., a  real-estate investment company. The following year he moved to the Town of Washington, where he currently lives with his wife, Andrea, and three children—Michael, a Millbrook High School graduate, and Daniel and Sofia, both of whom are in middle school. 

 “It all happened very quickly.” Sitting in a quaint cafe and pausing every once in a while to bob her head to the pop music playing, Tamzin Elliott described how she became a composer. For Elliot, composing music came naturally and immediately. She began taking piano lessons at the age of five and began making her own music almost simultaneously. “I was always a really bad practicer,” she says of her earliest musical efforts. “I would practice what I was supposed to be practicing, and then I would usually screw up. But I liked what I did when I screwed up better anyway, so then I would play around with that for a bit. . . I was just making up stuff.” Though her compositions have matured since these early explorations, they retain the same youthful sense of curiosity, energy, and inventiveness. For Elliott, there was no divide between instrumental practice and composition; “It was just part of the language.” Existing music spoke to her, and she made up her own words in response—a trend that has continued through her work thus far. 

The water advisory sent to village of Millbrook residents last month has sparked concern about the safety of the water in the village. We hope to be able to keep our readers advised about the reason the village received the water advisory. One of our readers and village resident, Ann Wilkinson, sent us questions she wanted answered by the NYS Board of Health. We put together a Question and Answer with the Director of Environmental Health Services, Tanya Clark ,who answered Wilkinson’s questions regarding the village’s public water. 

 Wilkinson: Was surface water found to be infiltrating?

Clark: The supply, or pretreated water, was found to be under the influence of surface water. That said it should be known that the finished water distributed to the public water supply system meets the standards of the NYS Sanitary Code.

Wilkinson: What test was done? What were the results? Were contaminants found?

I met Helen Macdonald on an ancient bridge in Cambridge, on a summer’s day years ago, when I and three friends were on a falconry pilgrimage in England. She struck me instantly as one of those people who are intoxicated by life. There was a happiness about her that made you smile and take joy to be in her company. While capable of intense focus on whatever was occupying her mind at the moment, she possessed the air of a free spirit that many would love to be like but so few are. I was enchanted.

It came as a shock, therefore, to read her widely acclaimed book “H is for Hawk”, winner of several prestigious awards and winner of the hearts of many readers.  In it Helen reveals her descent into loneliness, despair, and a loss of self  following the untimely death of her father. This was a Helen I did not know, a person she did not show her friends in person. In this book about life and death, grief and resignation, - and finally triumph - Helen lets us see inside the public person. We are the richer for it. 

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