A gray and rainy Saturday became much brighter upon entering “The Steins Collect” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where a dazzling world of light and color did much to dispel the gloomy weather outside.

The exhibition is comprised of some 200 works, many by Matisse and Picasso collected in Paris by Gertrude Stein, her brothers Leo and Michael, and Michael's wife Sarah over a period of 30 years.


Two very different local artists are exhibited at the Hotchkiss Library in Sharon, but both are distinguished by having strong, sure, stylistic approaches.  Randy Orzano works mostly on paper using ink or ink washes, but he will use straw or hay when drawing a cow.  He depicts animals, abstract shapes and bees, as he is known as a beekeeper. His paper has been in the hives, has wax and propolis on the surface. The bees can tear the paper. He calls it a collaboration.  He takes inspiration from the process of nature, particularly from his hives. There is something raw and fresh about the work. It is also quiet and gentle.  He is a listener.


The Mill Street Loft’s ninth juried high-school photography exhibition Exposure opens on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The opening reception is on Saturday, 5 p.m.–7 p.m.

James Klosty became Sir Thomas More in The Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck’s production of A Man for All Seasons.

Robert Bolt wrote the play, which has been adapted several times for radio, television, and film. The London Globe Theater introduced A Man for All Seasons.  It soon played on Broadway, where it won a Tony Award. Paul Scofield played the original Sir Thomas More and starred in the 1966 film, winning an Oscar. But the film that might be most the memorable is the 1988 version starring Charlton Heston as More and Vanessa Redgrave as Lady Alice.

Joan Tower led Bard College Conservatory of Music students in a program of contemporary music on Sunday afternoon that delighted the audience and encouraged the students to continue to support living composers. Tower herself is one of America’s foremost composers, so no better advocate could be found. She balanced the program with Bartók and Ligeti, two strong composers with bravura style, with Arvo Pärt, whose serial style is called tintinnabulist, and Meredith Monk, who represent the minimalist style. John Adams’s American Berserk is a lively jazz-filled piano piece; it was played by Ronald Joseph.
    Wednesday was the first of three performances focusing on Beethoven’s late quartets.  The Emerson has been at the top level of quartets performing in this country for some years, so when the Emerson musicians turn their attention to these icons of the quartet literature, the chamber music crowd comes out.   The concert opened with a Classical icon, the D Major, K 575 (1789) from Mozart’s late quartets intended for the king of Prussia. We can hear adherence to form clothed with Baroque figures. We can imagine a formal presentation in full dress, wigs, and silk stockings, bowing and pomp and ceremony in a stately hall. The music bespeaks majesty, royalty and formality.  
    Bring the children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to the Cunneen-Hackett Arts Center this weekend for Half Moon Theatre’s A Family Celebration of Broadway—a musical love letter to the theater that launches and benefits the HMT School of the Arts opening in Poughkeepsie this fall.  

The Riverwinds Gallery in Beacon is holding their quarterly art show at the Wells Fargo Advisors LLC in Rhinebeck. The show, Animal Kingdom began January 24 and ends April 23, but the reception for the show was Saturday March 17, 2012 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. In conjunction with Animal Kingdom, the work of plen air realists, Rosemary Hanson and Sally Lyon was displayed in an adjacent office space during the same time.

The Riverwinds Gallery features a variety of mediums of 35 artists in the Hudson Valley ranging from painting and photography to jewelry and craft items. Four times a year, one for every season they hold an art show at the Wells Fargo LLC. According to Curator, it is a suitable venue that fits their needs.

The curtain opened to a huge ocean liner last weekend at Webutuck high school. The junior and senior high pulled off a successful and comical Anything Goes last weekend with Friday and Saturday night performances and a Sunday matinee.

As James Carr so eloquently sang, “you gotta have soul!” The Solas an Lae company of American Irish dance did not miss a beat in their breath-taking performance of Soul this past St. Patrick’s day weekend held at the Center for performing arts in Rhinebeck.  

Approaching the performance I expected a few middle-aged men in skirts doing jigs on the stage. However, the result was far superior. Solas an lae, Gaelic for “light of day,” is a company of 12 young women ages 12-18. Their talent: astounding.

This past weekend The Company was accompanied by Company B. Both are creations of Artistic Directors, Deirdre Lowry and Patrick Brown. Together the companies make up SAL Dance Company (2006), an extension of Lowry’s School of American Irish Dance (1998).

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