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I can easily grate cheese (also chocolate and vegetables) and toss the grater into the dishwasher with this handy $10 grater from OXO. Its bi-directional, sharp stainless steel blades makes for fast, easy grating Its soft, comfortable, non-slip grip gives me better control while grating than old fashioned graters
By Rona Boyer Five generations of Arnoffs have been moving, packing, crating, rigging, storing, importing and exporting goods for Hudson Valley residents and companies for ninety years. "Our first location was Lakeville, Connecticut, where my great-grandfather had a truck. Weekenders took to asking him to pick up an antique piece they had purchased and bring it into the house— 'you will see the empty spot in the living room where it belongs,' they would say," explained Mike Arnoff, the current president of Arnoff Moving & Storage. "He established trust. He was totally reliable and took extra special care of their fine art and antiques. He became expert, and his reputation spread to Sharon, then Millbrook and the rest of the Hudson Valley.
I have always loved cucumbers and was delighted to learn that in addition to being refreshing and delicious (and low in calories), they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (like many fruits and vegetables). Moreover, they contain three powerful "lignans" that research indicates can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and several cancer types (breast, uterine, ovarian, and prostate.) So I have vowed to eat a cucumber a day. For that reason I have collected a number of ways to consume this virtuous fruit (which, like tomatoes, we tend to think of as a vegetable.) But first some tips about cucumbers: Cucumber tips
No one can slice as consistently by hand as you can with a mandoline, quickly and easily making paper-thin or thicker slices of cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, apples, pears, and so on. They come in plastic or stainless steel. I have seen prices from $22 to $200, depending upon how many extra functions you want. But if you want to make many of these cucumber recipes easily, quickly and beautifully, this is a kitchen essential. (Be sure to get one with a vegetable holder—and use it, because without it, the mandoline slices fingers very well, too.)
This just may be the last public performance of Maestro Craig Fryer's MHS Jazz Band, as he is retiring at the end of the term. That alone is probably worth the $85 price of the ticket (if bought in advance—it will be$100 if bought at the door). Buying tickets in advance is not just economical, it is also prudent, because last year, the event sold out. Also on the bill for entertainment will be the MHS Madrigal Singers, under the direction of Alexis Bresnahan. The silent auction offers something to suit everyone’s tastes and budget, including trips, sports and entertainment tickets, spa services, and home improvement items. The MEF Giving Tree is back this year. The tree holds leaves that are made by our Millbrook students. Each one represents a specific staff or classroom wish.
Shopping right here in Millbrook can provide wonderful ideas for gifts for Father's Day. Orvis Sandanona offers high end outdoor sports fashion, gear and accessories but also exciting gifts such as hunting and fishing trips, fly fishing and wing shooting lessons, and Alaskan Adventure Cruises, among others.  It is so full of great gifts for the outdoorsman that the Today Show came up to Millbrook to feature Orvis Sandanona on their Father's Day show.  We also suggest  perusing J. McLaughlin's men's collection which is both stylish and fun.
This beautifully hand-painted ceramic tableware is representative of the Neapolitan school of painting and glazing decorative art in the bright colors of Italy's Salerno.  The dishes are both dishwasher- and oven-safe and would dress up any table or kitchen where good tasting food is served. Cerasella created a special design for the California based chain of 21 authentic Italian restaurants. They are open to creating special patterns for patrons and pride themselves in quality, creativity and customer service.  Speak to Al or Brenda DiBonis if you have anything special in mind. 
I got to the Farmer's Market later than usual—11:30and I found that almost everything from Stonewood Farm was sold out already. I will have to go back to my early morning habits. 
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